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HTC Hero finally the phone it was always supposed to be September 16, 2009

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Having waited a not inconsiderable amount of time for the ROM to download from the HTC Europe servers (101MB @ ~20KBps = sad face) I finally completed the upgrade.

The process itself was simple. Plug in the phone via USB and run the downloaded program. Click a few ‘next’ buttons and then just sit tight for a few minutes. Voilà! New firmwarey goodness.

The phone is so much better than it was before. Screen transitions are smooth and faster. I can now turn on the screen animations in the settings menu and not feel my phone slowly grinding to a halt. Using the Mail and Messages widgets is a real delight. In short, this phone finally feels like the phone that it always should have been from release. If you live in the UK and have a HTC Hero then I urge you to get this upgrade. Even if you thought your phone was fine before, you’ll think it’s awesome afterwards.

Unfortunately, if you purchased yours on contract from Orange or T-Mobile (or T-Orange, as I suppose they are now) then your phone will be running a custom ROM and will not be able to update with this program. Sorry folks. That said, if you’re feeling brave then head over to MoDaCo to learn about rooting and installing their custom ROM which is based on this new release.

It’s not all sugar-sweet happiness though. The new firmware hasn’t addressed a couple of niggling issues. Peep, the HTC-provided Twitter client still refuses to connect through the Vodafone network and you are still unable to send files to your friend’s mobiles via bluetooth. Importantly though, my phone has stopped doing the weird ‘ghostly-trackball trick’ that I videoed.

Also, I noticed for the first time that neither Android or HTC has a suitable or complete method to backup your phone. Having used a Nokia for years and years I’ve become very used to their Nokia Suite and the included backup programme that will make copies of all messages, pictures, settings, notes, EVERYTHING. Nothing like this exists for the Android market except a couple of downloadable apps from the Android Market but even these to not offer a complete solution. Given how much vital information most people now store on their phones I think that it’s surprising that this has not been addressed.

Sure, I could use Nandroid. But I’m not confident enough to root. Yet.



1. Gareth - September 16, 2009

Not to be a shameless promoter, but we launched the latest version of our Android Backup today. We backup and restore most items on Android, contacts, call logs, sms, mms, pictures, music (including playlists), video, bookmarks, system settings (not all of them yet, but we’re working on it) and some application settings. You should take a look at our product page and see if it suits your needs.


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