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HTC Hero broken already? September 10, 2009

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The issue that I’ve been having with the trackball on my HTC Hero is getting worse. I managed to finally grab some footage of it acting up so that I can take it in to Carphone Warehouse and see what they’re going to do about it. Having looked at their website it would appear that they will only do anything for you with 28 days. Annoyingly, if I go into Carphone Warehouse tomorrow it’ll be 32 days since purchase. Hopefully they’ll cut me some slack. It would appear that they have a repair service but it looks like they charge.

One thing I am clear on is that I am not paying to get this fixed. The phone is clearly suffering a manufacturing fault. It hasn’t been dropped, been exposed to liquid or any force or pressure. I’ve cared for this phone more than I would my own child (were I silly enough to have any).

I can’t find evidence of anyone else on the internet having this problem but can that really be the case? Is everyone having the flawless trackball experience that HTC must have intended for us all to have?